Langley secure a win against Nanaimo in Game 1

Date: August 1st 2023

Matchup: Game 1/5 Langley Thunder vs. Nanaimo Timbermen

Final Score: 14 Langley - 6 Nanaimo

Game 1 is in the books for Langley and Nanaimo. Langley came out strong with 6 goals in the first period, in 17 shots. After the first period Connor Robinson secured 4 goals. Robinson later went on to score 2 more and win himself first star of the game. 

Nanaimo had 1 goal after the first. They ramped it up with 3 in the second and 2 in the third. Despite the hustle, this didn't stop Thunder from scoring 6 more in the second and 2 in the third. 

Thunder leads this series 1-0 after tonight. 


1. Connor Robinson from Thunder - G:6 A:0 PTS:6

2. Frank Scigliano from Thunder - GA:6 Saves: 51

3. Zach Manns from Timbermen - G:2 A:2 PTS:4